Project Posts

Choosing a project thumbnail

When creating a new project, there are several thumbnail options to choose from. At first their naming conventions might seem counter-intuitive, until you understand the abbreviations explained below.

There are two sets of thumbnail ratios, Landscape and Portrait. Each set has three sizes – Small, Medium, and Large. In addition, each  style has options for negative space, which can be either to the left or the right of the thumbnail. "SL" = Space Left, "SR" = Space Right.

The vertical order of the thumbnails is currently set to randomize, which changes every 24 hours, or after every publish. Of course, you can change the order to be whatever you like.

Choosing a project Cover

When it comes to presenting your projects we've given you three covers to choose from.

Fullscreen – Go fullscreen with one big beautiful image. In this option, you can choose to put the text in the top right quadrant (Fullscreen TR), or the bottom right quadrant  (Fullscreen BR).

Landscape – Take a more editorial approach and lead with a powerful headline – perfect for pages that need a more "case-study" approach.

Portrait – Or take advantage of portrait mode, and give those tall images the real-estate they deserve.

Journal Entries

Customizing the list view

There are three different visual styles for the list of journal entries. If you don't add an image to the entry, it will automatically choose the default style – no image. If you add an image, it will automatically choose the second style – small image. And finally, if you choose to "feature" the entry, it will automatically choose the third option which is a larger style image.