You don't need an extensive library of components, pages, and modules to create a beautiful portfolio site. All you need is a focus on simplicity and fine-tuned details. If it's all about the work,  the site should take a back seat and let the work speak for itself. This template combines a straight-forward site architecture with a minimalist interface to create an experience that makes your work feel like a work of art.

Main Features


Whether you decide to go big and bold, or stay small and quite, our asymmetrical grid creates the compositional intrigue that makes browsing special. And to keep things feeling fresh, the grid automatically changes every 24hrs.

Variable Covers

When it comes to presenting your projects we've given you not one, not two, but three different covers to choose from.

Go fullscreen with one big beautiful image. Take a more editorial approach and lead with a powerful headline – perfect for pages that need a more "case-study" approach. Or take advantage of portrait mode, and give those tall images the real-estate they deserve.

Additional Features

Page Formatting

When building your project page, we've given you lots of options – drop caps and pull quotes make it feel editorialized, in-line images for context and details, plus a  light-box that allows for focused browsing.


Sometimes you need more than what social media can offer. So we've built a place for you to share your point of view, update your audience with news, or make important announcements.

Each article has the same formatting options as project pages, and they come complete with sub sections to help you stay organized.